Star Wars: Destiny

As an intern at Fantasy Flight Games, I participated in the design and development of FFG's upcoming Star Wars game, Star Wars: Destiny. Featuring collectible cards and dice representing iconic heroes, equipment, and locations from across the Star Wars saga, Destiny merges CCG with exciting dice mechanics for fast, engaging play.

Learn more about Star Wars: Destiny at Fantasy Flight Games.

Global Game Jam 2014: Silent Trust

Silent Trust is a 2-player game in which one player plays an immobile "Observer" and the other plays a blind "Rover". Both players are stuck in a building as a result of some kind of accident; the Observer trapped inside and unable to leave on his own and the Rover rendered blind yet able to move freely. The Observer must guide the Rover through the building relying on blueprints of the building's floor plan using only coded vibrations sent through the game controller which Rover uses to move, and through the use of audible lures which Rover can hear. Rover, in turn, can hear his surroundings which include various environmental hazards - live electrical wires, small fires, crumbling floors - and so is free to ignore the cues he receives from the Observer. The Observer must trust that Rover has a reason to ignore his cues, while Rover must trust that the Observer is trying to lead him to safety.