In addition to the portfolio material below, some of my editorial, non-fiction work can be found at Tap-Repeatedly, Fanboy Comics and Gamasutra.


Stan Lee's The Seekers

This is a treatment for ten pages of a concept from comics legend Stan Lee.  The concept and characters, therefore, were largely provided here.  This entry made it at least as far as the semi-finals, which required being selected by MTV Comics people.


"The Lessons of Merlyn: Shapeshifting and the Shapeshifter in Fantasy"

This lengthy essay is my personal, if broad, exploration of shapeshifting as it appears in contemporary fantasy literature.

"Self-Editing: How the Writing Process Shapes the Writer-Self"

A short memoir-style piece written for, and accepted by, the University of Wisconsin-River Falls' 2008 Undergraduate Conference for Critical and Creative Engagement, which now resides in their archive, Minds@UW.